Answers to your questions

+ Do you offer an affiliate program?

Not at the moment but we're open to the idea eventually. Stay tuned! The best way to be the first to know if/when we roll something out is to get on our email list.

+ How often do you roll out new photos?

Regularly. How's that for a really vague answer? We're not going to lock ourselves into a schedule quite yet. Just know that we have a LOT planned beyond what you see on the site right now.

+ Do you offer a subscription option?

Not yet but it's in the grand plan. When it happens, we'll drop the news first in our email newsletter.

+ Can I get a refund if I end up not liking the photo?

Due to the nature of the product and automation of images being delivered to your inbox, we do not offer refunds. If you image doesn't work or you have an issue receiving your purchase, you can shoot us an email at

+ Will my image be watermarked when I get it?

No way, Jose! We'll deliver you a high resolution image for you to use without the watermark after you submit your order at checkout.

+ Do you do custom work or take suggestions?

Yup! We do both. You can can fill out a form to request custom work here and you can fill out a suggestion form here.

+ What are your favorite tools for cropping an image?

We're photoshop users over here! But on our phones we love Afterlight (paid app) and Canva. Both have fabulous features to make the image a perfect size.