Table with Large Plant by Door

Table with Large Plant by Door


Rapid Fire Q & A with Dr. Petrone

What have been your career highlights (so far)?: Preventing a 3rd rotator cuff surgery through chiropractic care in a fireman/surfer in constant pain, treating pregnant mothers throughout their pregnancy- resulting in natural deliveries and healthy babies, and helping a martial arts athlete restore full range of motion in his hip which got him back to the sport he loves.


What’s your goal in life? Be a good person, do things for the right reason, and lead a happy, healthy life. Attend more Rockies Games, do more hiking, and get back into skiing. Treat each patient with the utmost respect and show them how chiropractic can change their lives for the better!


Favorite movie? Wedding Crashers


#1 Bucket List Trip? Italy (I bet the meatballs are great there…)


Favorite thing in the world? My family, my mom’s pot roast, and my dog: Jack 


Biggest challenge: Moving across the country to pursue a career… and that game with the golf tees that you play at Cracker Barrel.

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